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How does advertising with you work?

Freeze Fat Fast helps clinics by aggregating search traffic – customers looking for Coolsculpting – from their suburb or town and surrounding areas and delivering it straight to our clients’ sites.

Where do you find these potential customers?

Our network of search-engine optimised pages ranks highly (usually in the top spot) for local searches for Coolsculpting. For example, people searching for “Coolsculpting Altona” will find our page as the first result in Google and the same is true of suburbs and towns across Australia.

How do you deliver these customers to my clinic?

Basically, by diverting our page to yours. We have special technology to superimpose our clients’ sites on top of our high-ranking page so the person that clicks on our page at the top of the search results (remember the first result gets 40 per cent of all the clicks) is taken straight to a client’s site when that page is rented out. Typically, we will rent a particular client the page corresponding to their suburb and five or so surrounding suburbs to make a “catchment” for them to draw a steady stream of new customers.

How much does it cost?

That depends on the traffic. The way we work is we charge clients the equivalent of $20 per customer delivered. We have visitor stats going back several months for all of our pages so we can tell you exactly how many customers we will be steering your way and work out a price with you accordingly. You can check back in with us at any time to make sure we are continuing to deliver the customer numbers that we have based the pricing on.

Do you work with my competitors too?

No, the nature of the diversion means we can only divert a page for a suburb or town to one particular client, so once you rent a bunch of pages of us for you suburb and surrounding areas, you don’t have to worry about a rival clinic taking them because they are all yours as long as you want them.

How much do you charge?

We charge $20 (+GST) per each individual visitor we steer to your clinic. Remember, these are almost all visitors who have actively searched for CoolSculpting in your area so they are ready to buy!

I’d like to test it out. Do you offer a free trial?

Yes, depending on the area. If we don’t have an existing clinic that we are working with in your area we are more than happy to offer a free trial. We divert the relevant pages to your site and report back in with the numbers after two weeks.

Can I download a brochure?

Yes, fill in the contact form on our Contact Us page and we will send you a brochure straight away.