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We set up Freeze Fat Fast as a customer aggregator site for clinics across Australia to help them secure more customers in their local area. Although the site is in beta stage, we are already in discussions with leading clinics throughout out Australia keen to advertise with us. We offer a revolutionary page "rental" system that allows clinics to piggy back off our high ranking local pages and achieve top rank in the Google search results when people searching for  in their area. Our system is fully trackable so clinics know the results they are getting when they pay to advertise us and our seamless page diversion technology transfers visitors straight to our clients' sites without them even realising it. And remember - these are buying customers. Each one we send to your site has searched for a  clinic in your area!! You can find out more here about how advertising with us works including costs. And remember, our red carpet service for client clinics includes:

  • Highly targeted Google search traffic that is ready to buy
  • Locations throughout Australia
  • Cost effective advertising with fully trackable results

Contact us now to sign up for advertising with an unbeatable return on investment and proven results that you can track.

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